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Beer Yeast

Escarpment Labs - Copenhagen Lager Yeast

Escarpment Labs - Copenhagen Lager Yeast

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One of the most widely-used lager strains in the world, and a great choice for accentuating hops and/or more mineral-rich water profiles.

Attenuation 72-78%
Flocculation Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temp 10-14°C  (72-78°F)
Alcohol Tolerance Medium

 All liquid yeasts are shipped with a 3oz ice pack.

We strongly recommend adding a Thermal Shipping Package to keep your yeast cool longer. Each package can hold up to 5 liquid yeasts.

Shipping & Returns

All orders must be picked up in store at The Brew Kettle Ajax. Located at 282 Monarch Ave, Ajax, ON L1S 2G6

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